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10/04/2023 News

TotalEnergies UAE spearheads tree planting initiative under Action! Program

On March 3, 2023, the Action! Program team in Abu Dhabi initiated their first outdoor tree planting initiative in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi City Municipality (ADM). Eight volunteers participated in this initiative, including employees from TotalEnergies, ADM representatives, and students. The volunteers planted 20 trees of the Peltophorum inerme and Delonix regia species.

TotalEnergies     TotalEnergies

On March 15, 2023, 30 volunteers from TotalEnergies Marketing Middle East (TEMME) and Total Lubricants Blending UAE (TLBU) planted 600  Ghaf Trees in Sharjah’s Al Mentether Protected Area. Owing to its cultural and traditional significance, the Ghaf tree was designated as the national tree of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 2008.


The "For Our Emirates We Plant" camping campaign was organized in collaboration with the Environmental Emirates group to support the urban afforestation program in UAE. Once the Ghaf trees mature in two to three years, and the Peltophorum inerme and  Delonix-regia trees in 1.5 years, tons of CO2 will be sequestered. This will in turn improve air quality, preserve soil, and support wildlife. The initiative is a contribution to the circular economy, thus fulfilling the company Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).