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Marine oil, Boating & Fishing

Lubmarine products and services are suited to a range of applications, from the engine to the bridge. Lubmarine has a 16% market share (PCF 2013) and is the world’s third largest player in this sector.

Lubmarine is a dedicated, global and integrated business unit that supports the shipping industry by delivering to almost 1,000 ports across the world. Our local presence (via our local offices and partners) is a guarantee of customized and effective solutions. Our proximity to our customers also promotes close customer relationships. Made up of more than 250 employees from 40 nations, often themselves from a marine background, the Lubmarine network understands its customers and is able to handle all their requirements.


The innovative TALUSIA range of marine cylinder oils is recommended for 2-stroke diesel engines powered by a wide range of residual fuels.
TALUSIA range has been designed to be simple for ships’ crews to use and to reduce the risk of engine breakdown while ensuring environmental compliance.

TOTAL Marine Cylinder Oil



The ATLANTA MARINE D range of marine system oils with its anti-oxidant properties enables ship-owners to prevent engine wear. It’s being used to lubricate slow speed 2-stroke crosshead diesel engines.
The problems of engine rust and corrosion can be stopped in their tracks. Its water separation and insoluble separation abilities prevent the build-up of liquids.

TOTAL Marine System Oil


The AURELIA and DISOLA range of marine trunk piston oils are recommended for the high-medium speed 4-stroke diesel engines on both land and sea.
The range is compatible with all main fuel types including high and low sulphur fuel oil (HSFO, LSFO), LNG, distillates, marine diesel oil and gas oil.

TOTAL Trunk Piston Engine Oil Marine


TOTAL Marine Trunk Piston Engine Oil


Ships require marine lubricants which are able to resist wide variations of temperature as well as other challenges such as extreme pressures under high loads and fast speeds.


TOTAL Marine Auxiliary Mineral Lubricants



TOTAL Marine Coolants



TOTAL Marine Auxiliary Synthetic Lubricants



TOTAL Marine Grease


Lubmarine’s Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs) and grease portfolio is designed for ship-owners seeking premium levels of performance while being environmentally conscious.
It is recommended to use with all oil-to-sea equipment interfaces on any machinery operating in severe conditions, including high and low temperatures as well as high levels of humidity.

Bio Lubricants

TOTAL Marine Bio Lubricants


Bio Greases

TOTAL Marine Bio Grease