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TotalEnergies Lubricants for Aluminium Industry


Lubricants For Aluminium Industry

TotalEnergies Lubricants offers a comprehensive range of fluids for all your aluminium rolling applications. Our products optimise machining accuracy, increase efficiency and extend the service life of your equipment. Our world-class high-performance product range can improve productivity and increase customer satisfaction.



Key range

  • LUBRILAM S: Cold rolling oil
  • LUBRILAM ADD: Performance additive concentrates for rolling oils.
  • LUBRILAM CLEANER: Additive range to support NOA technology based products
  • NOA: Aluminium hot rolling fluids 
  • TANDEMOL: Aluminium hot Rolling fluids
  • TANDEMOL ADDITIVE: Additive range to support Tandemol technology based products
  • RODSHIELD: Aluminum hot rolling fluid for rod rolling

Alu offer 

  • AZOLLA AL: Non-staining hydraulic oil suitable for incidental food contact (NFS H1 approval).
  • CARTER ALS: Non-staining enclosed gear lubricant for back-up rolls.
  • MARTOL FMO: Food grade lubricant for pre-lubrification before stamping and deep drawing in aluminium packaging production (NSF 3H approval).
  • MARTOL EV 10 CF: Fast vanishing oil for tension levelling
  • LUBRILAM BIO: Bio-based cold rolling oil
  • VULSOL MSF 5000: Chlorine free sprayable neat oil for roll grinding.
  • VALONA MQL: Synthetic fluid for edge trimming and scalping
  • VITAL FLUID NOA: Non-staining compatible fluids hydraulic fluids for NOA technology based systems