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TotalEnergies Lubricants for Paper Industry

TotalEnergies: Perfect Products for Paper Processing, Wood Paneling and Pelleting

TotalEnergies Lubricants For Paper Industry

At TotalEnergies, we understand the pressure that wood and paper plants operate under. We know unnecessary or unscheduled stoppages cost money. We know that some processes are very energy intensive. Moreover, for your plant to remain profitable, your equipment has to run smoothly all the time, particularly given the heavy investments it commands. This is precisely why we developed specific lubricants for the paper industry that have been designed to optimize performance and enhance your equipment’s service life.

Impeccable industry-specific solutions

We at TotalEnergies are technology leaders in the lubricants market, with an in-depth understanding of every industry. When it comes to paper processing, wood paneling and pelleting, TotalEnergies products are the perfect solution. Our R&D experts have devised products that lower fuel and lubricant consumption, and also reduce environmental impact. What’s more, all our lubricants for the paper industry are designed to face the very specific challenges wood and paper plants face: high temperatures, high pressures and extreme moisture levels.

When you use TotalEnergies products, you also get access to our world-class support and service teams. Whether it’s advice on which lubricant is the best choice for a particular equipment, or support with analyzing your oils for wear and tear, we are with you. And now, you can also enjoy on-time delivery across the Middle East region.