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ANAC Diagnosis

ANAC is a service provided by TotalEnergies to complete a range of analytical monitoring systems for in-service oils or coolants, available for any automotive application (vehicles and moving machines) or industrial (machinery and equipment).  We have a  database of over 4 million samples, two European laboratories and a global network of analysis sites.




Through LubInstitute, TotalEnergies Lubricants is offering a comprehensive range of trainings that can be tailored to your needs. Depending on the depth of knowledge needed, from a short one hour training on basics to 3 full days on all types of applications can be organized (hydraulic, gears, rotating equipment…etc)

Plant Audit Service

Plant Audit

Our solid experience over the years enabled us to benchmark against best practices. Throughout the audit, we ensure that suitable products and procedures are in place in your plant to achieve your targets.  Various added value are highlighted from the audit  such as increased drain intervalIncreased equipment efficiency, Decreased failure rates and Extended equipment lifetime.

Remote Tank Monitoring

With full stock transparency at your fingertips, along with text alerts and proactive customer service calls to prompt orders when stock is low, this is to ensure you never run out of oil.

Elub - Order Lubricants Online


Through E-lub, you can order online 24/7, access your order history & monitor your invoices and deliveries easily. Place an order now: