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Aviation lubricants

TotalEnergies is a worldwide leader in aviation lubricants, our products are used by over 400 aero clubs around the world, and are sold globally by distributors supporting the aviation industry. Thanks to our cutting edge R&D you can count on our lubricants for quality, durability and greater fuel efficiency.

The propulsion system lubricants in the TotalEnergies Aero range include dispersive and non-dispersive low-ash solutions using both semi-synthetic and mineral base stock. Using the highest quality bases, they are formulated with the latest anti-wear, anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion additives.

TotalEnergies Pistone Engine Lubricants
TotalEnergies Pistone Engine Lubricants Aviation

TotalEnergies Engine Protection Lubricant

TotalEnergies Gear Oil


TotalEnergies Grease

TotalEnergies Hydraulic Fluids Aviation


TotalEnergies Turbine Engine Lubricants Aviation