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TotalEnergies Fuel Economy Lubricants

TotalEnergies Fuel Economy Engine Oil


TotalEnergies created its fuel economy lubricants to help customers improve the performance of their vehicles and equipment while significantly reducing environmental impact by reducing your carbon footprint.
By improving the performance of your engine, Fuel Economy lubricants also significantly reduce your fuel consumption, saving you money. With TotalEnergies Lubricants, economy and ecology go hand-in-hand.

Fuel economy lubricants are based on a special formula that helps save fuel compared with conventional oils offering the same level of performance. This characteristic applies essentially to engine oil, but it can also relate to transmission oils for gearboxes, axles, and more.

The TotalEnergies fuel economy range is suitable for many types of vehicles and industrial equipment :

  • Passenger cars
  • Earthmoving equipment
  • Trucks, buses and coaches

Developed in TotalEnergies laboratories, fuel economy lubricants have undergone extensive testing, from testing in independent laboratories to full-scale trials on entire fleets of vehicles. Every time, tests confirm fuel economy lubricants' excellent results:

  • Increased performance and service life of engines,
  • Greater engine protection,
  • Longer gearbox life,
  • Reduced maintenance and operating costs,
  • Reduced fuel consumption, and more!