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As one of the world’s most reputed manufacturers of lubricants, oils and industrial fuels, TotalEnergies is dedicated to bringing you the latest innovations and advancements in fuel technology. In addition to our market-leading series of engine oils and vehicle coolants, TotalEnergies also offers you a whole range of cross-category products, including transmission oils, brake fluids, aviation lubricants, fuel additives and marine oils. These products are specially designed to suit the requirements of a variety of industries, from aviation to marine, boating and fishing vessels, to light trucks, motorcycles. Each of our products is the result of years of industry research by our experienced R&D teams, incorporating the highest standards of performance, safety, sustainability and innovation. Whether you’re looking for

The TotalEnergies range of cross-category products

In our cross-category range, you can find innovative, efficient and cost-effective product, such as:

Brake fluids and engine Coolants

This range of products includes TotalEnergies HBF 3 and HBF 4 as well as our COOLELF range. They are ideally suited for automobiles and motorcycles as well as light trucks. They include synthetic fluids that are perfect for application in hydraulic brake and clutch systems, as well as organic coolants that offer superior protection and performance for all types of internal combustion engines.

Automatic and manual transmission oils

TotalEnergies FLUIDMATIC and TRAX products are designed to match the requirements of the automotive transmissions industry. We have everything from high-performance transmission oils to gear oils, lubricating mineral oils, and more. Our range includes specialized oils for use in everything from automatic transmissions to continuously variable transmissions, manual gear boxes and hypoid axles.

Aviation lubricants, hydraulic fluids and grease

TotalEnergies Aero is a world leader when it comes to providing durable, fuel-efficient and top-quality hydraulic fluids and lubricants to the aviation industry. We also have propulsion system lubricants that come with the best anti-wear, anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation additive technology. Used by more than 400 aero clubs the world over, all our products are available internationally through a network of trusted distributors and partners.

Marine and boat engine oils

Lubmarine is proud to support the international marine, fishing and boating industry with our renowned range of 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine oils, auxiliary lubricants and greases. Our efficient and environmentally compliant series of marine oils and lubricants is why we are the third-largest player in this market. Our marine engine oils offer superior protection, water separation and anti-corrosion, while our range of Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs) give you premium performance and are perfect for use in all oil-to-sea equipment interfaces.