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TotalEnergies Lubricants for Metal Industry

Enjoy Total success with top quality metalworking lubricants

TotalEnergies Metal Industry Lubricants

Are you looking to shorten production cycles, extend tool lifetime, reduce fuel consumption and decrease waste? Then TotalEnergies’ metalworking lubricants are the perfect solution for you. Based on extensive research and industry-leading insights, our comprehensive range of lubricants has been specifically designed to meet your needs. That’s not all: our machine lubricants have been crafted to work perfectly throughout every step of the process, from rolling, forming and quenching, to cutting and more. With decades of experience working with metalworking customers around the world, we guarantee TotalEnergies success in every application.

TotalEnergies solutions, total satisfaction

Every single product in our extensive range of machine lubricants has been especially formulated with you and your workers, as well as the environment, in mind. With TotalEnergies, you can enjoy numerous advantages, such as reduced VOCs, odours and dangerous substances. With a wealth of worldwide experience behind us, our tech team is always at hand to support you every step of the way. Whatever you need from our comprehensive selection of products, get in touch with TotalEnergies today and we’ll find the right solutions for you and your plant.

General Machining Lubricants

At TotalEnergies, we know that general machining and metalworking operations rely on machinery that operates under extremes of heat and pressure – which means proper lubrication is crucial. That’s precisely why our range of machining fluids have been designed with a wide range of benefits, guaranteed to boost productivity and reduce wear and tear. Our machine oils are perfect for lubricating metalworking equipment, protecting sawing, drilling, milling, turning, quenching and finishing operations.

Cutting Fluids

Safeguard your plant’s cutting tools against unnecessary wear and damage with TotalEnergies’ range of cutting fluids. These high-quality lubricants can protect cutting tools used for operations on a wide range of metals and materials under extreme temperatures and pressures, thus increasing the longevity of your equipment and reducing downtime.

Forming Fluids

TotalEnergies’ forming fluids offer you the ideal solution to optimise your industrial and manufacturing business operations. Our experts know that metal working machinery and tools that are used for lubricating, bending, stamping, stretching and shaping need to be correctly lubricated in order to function effectively. That’s why our range of machine oils and fluids have been specially designed to protect your equipment, save costs and reduce downtime.

TotalEnergies FOLIA Water-based metalworking fluids

If you’re looking for a truly game-changing solution for your metalworking machinery, look no further than TotalEnergies FOLIA. This remarkable range of metalworking lubricants brings you numerous performance advantages including enhanced efficiency, reduced long-term maintenance costs and cleaner machinery. What’s more, these water-based cutting fluids are totally free from oils and solvents of any kind, thus delivering a wide range of environmental benefits too.