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TotalEnergies Lubricants Blending UAE Company Limited (TELBU) is Lubricants and Grease manufacturing facility situated in the Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA) in Dubai. Since its establishment in the year 2000, TELBU has consistently demonstrated its prominence as one of the largest Blending plant within the renowned TotalEnergies Group.

TELBU provides direct services to TotalEnergies Marketing Middle East LLC, extending our product reach across a vast geographic scope, encompassing the GCC, Arab League and CIS countries as well as affiliates within the TotalEnergies Group. With a special emphasis on the African and Asian continents, we strive to serve diverse regions and meet the needs of our global clients.

Mission: To create customer value through quality products and elevated service levels with emphasize on safety, compliance, sustainability, costs, and lean management; driven by a committed, dynamic, and competent team.

Vision: To be the most customer-centric manufacturer while strengthening our leadership position for lubricants and greases in the region and beyond.

As a fully operational and dynamic entity, TELBU diverse product range encompasses the following categories: Automotive lubricants, Marine oils, Gear oils, Transmission oils, Hydraulic oils, Automotive Grease, Industrial Greases.

Since 2000, the facility has continuously improved its capacity, evolving into a prime example of automation. It integrates state-of-the-art technology in blending and filling processes setting a benchmark in efficiency. Presently, its lubricant production capacity stands at an impressive 225,000 metric tons annually, showcasing its commitment to innovation and excellence.

Additionally, TELBU strategically expanded its portfolio by integrating the Greases Modular Unit (GMU) facility with a significant capacity of 15,000 metric tons. This advanced manufacturing plant facilitates the production of a wide range of greases, including Lithium conventional, Lithium Complex, and Aluminium Complex formulations, enhancing our product diversity and capabilities.

Empowered by advanced laboratory testing equipment, the plant upholds an exceptional track record in Quality Assurance Management. Its unwavering dedication to delivering premium quality of Oil and Greases strengthens its position as a prominent industry leader, adept at meeting the diverse needs of customers across various sectors.

TELBU Plant has attained a notable distinction as one of the few lube oil blending plants in the Middle East to hold following:



One of the first companies in the region to be certified against upgraded ISO 9001 Quality Management standards.


Winner of Dubai Quality award for manufacturing based on European Foundation for Quality

Management (EFQM) model by Department of Economic Development, Government of Dubai.


Safety management system Certified to meet international safety requirements System (ISRS), Level 7 for the first time.


 EHS Award for Environmental Performance by Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority.


Dubai Health and Safety Gold award for Environmental Performance.


Safety management system certified to meet OHSAS 18001 requirements.


Sharing best practices with Jebel Ali free zone companies to enhance HSE culture.


Environmental management systems certified to meet ISO: 14001 standards.


Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) Gold Award.


Environmental performance award from Ministry of Environment and Water.


Energy management system certified to meet ISO 50001 standards.


Product of the year Award in the lubricant section


Safety management system certified to meet ISO 45001 requirements



At TELBU, the safety of people and operations, environmental protection, customer satisfaction and listening to stakeholders are at the heart of everything we do. We strive to become a reference for the industry in terms of HSE commitments and are committed to: 

  • Pursuing the goal of no harm to people.
  • We protect the environment by identifying the environmental impact of our activities and taking actions as required reducing these impacts.
  • We use materials and energy efficiently to provide our products and services and most importantly promote a culture in which employees share this commitment.
  • We recognize staff participation is critical for HSE to function effectively hence we ensure regular trainings are imparted to our employees on HSE.

In response to the risks that may arise from our activities, we systematically implement a risk prevention and mitigation process that brings together front-line teams and specialists across all phases, from project design and execution to site dismantling and reclamation. The process is built on industrial risk analysis and involves:

  • Introducing standards that are applicable across the board.
  • Deploying an organization aligned with the risk management system.
  • Verifying correct application of the system following risk assessments. This verification takes the form of self-assessment and internal and external inspections and audits.

Industrial hygiene, employee health and product quality are absolute priorities. In line with this, the following three health-related focuses are key aspects of our operations:

  • Workplace Health, for our employees and service providers.
  • Health and the Environment, for people living and working near our facilities or likely to be exposed to them.
  • Health and Products, for our customers throughout the life cycle of our products.

The environmental and community impact of our operations and products is routinely analyzed. Solutions are sought to manage risks, and all available resources are deployed to mitigate their impact. Our initiatives focus on four main areas:

  • Managing waste and performing life cycle assessments
  • Promoting energy efficiency and local economic development
  • Protecting soil and water

TELBU is committed to provide effective grievance mechanism to internal stakeholders (employees), and external stakeholders (customers, local communities, ...).

To report any non-commercial complaint, we have set up an effective grievance reporting mechanisms for all our stakeholders. Report your concern or email us at [email protected]