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With hundreds of successes and many FIA World Champion titles for over 45 years, TotalEnergies guaranteed the best performance of our engine oils! 

Whilst other engine lubricants may under perform in such extreme environments; from the arduous conditions of the desert, the harshest mountain terrain, to the famous exhilarating racing circuits, TotalEnergies has endured them all.  These conditions have been the ideal test bed for QUARTZ.

In fact, the engineers who have developed our competition oils have also developed our QUARTZ lubricants range, creating an advanced technology that gives the best engine protection and ensures optimal performance from the race track to your car.

WEC Competition

WEC Competition


TotalEnergies became the "Official Lubricant and Technical Partner" and the "Energy Partner" of Aston Martin in May 2016. Aston Martin is also recommending EXCELLIUM, a fuel that incorporates specific detergent additives to clean and maintain the essential components of the engine over time. It leads up to 99% less fouling in gasoline engines, fuel economy and longer service life.

TotalEnergies as Aston Martin’s Energy Partner provides fuel for every car that leaves the Gaydon factory. 

In December 2017, TotalEnergies and Aston Martin were proud to announce the renewal of their partnership.

WRC Competition

WRC Competition


The Citroën TotalEnergies WRC team have been a staple of the WRC for decades, achieving countless trophies during the 50-year techincal partnership. The partnership stretches back to 1968 and has found success thanks to the combination of Citroën’s automotive excellence and TotalEnergies’ innovative range of lubricants.

TotalEnergies’ WRC experience has directly helped develop its range of automotive lubricants, including QUARTZ and ELF SPORTI engine oils. Each range has been designed to remove deposits while improving engine efficiency and safeguarding components from wear, corrosion and oxidisation, providing motorsport-level performance to drivers and fleet managers.

Formula E Competition

Formula E Competition


TotalEnergies has partnered with Formula E since the early days of the sport, and today we develop and supply specialised electric vehicle lubricants for the DS Techeetah race team, working alongside DS Automobiles.

Advancements gleaned from working at the forefront of performance EV design and development have also found their way into TotalEnergies’ range of QUARTZ EV and RUBIA EV fluids for hybrid and electric passenger and commercial vehicles. Specifically tailored to safeguard the performance of alternatively fuelled vehicles, they’re an excellent choice for any driver while keeping maintenance to a minimum

LE MANS Competition

Le Mans

TotalEnergies is the official fuel supplier to the FIA World Endurance Championship, which includes the 24 Hours of Le Mans. This unique race reveals the best in racing teams: their thirst for challenge, their team spirit and their ability to find innovative solutions.

The aim was no longer to push engines to their maximum power, but to obtain maximum performance from a limited amount of fuel. This energy efficiency challenge is reflected  in reducing consumption and environmental impact without neglecting performance and reliability.