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New TOTAL QUARTZ Engine Oil Range


QUARTZ Engine Oil 9000 - 5W-30
QUARTZ 9000 Future FGC 5W-30
HI-PERF 4T 500 20W-50 QUARTZ Engine Oil - 15W-40 QUARTZ Engine Oil 9000 - 5W-40 QUARTZ Engine Oil 9000 - 5W-30 QUARTZ Engine Oil 7000 - 5W-30 Rubia 20W-50 TOTAL Fluidmatic - Automatic Transmission Fluid


Innovation At Its Best

TOTAL Synthetic Engine Oil With Amazing Innovations

Synthetic Engine Oil With Amazing Innovations

Our revamped high-quality engine oil range now offers you better protection, exciting new features and optimized packaging, giving you premium engine oil to meet every requirement.

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Optimized Packaging

QUARTZ Engine Oil Optimized Packing

Ergonomic Packaging For Enhanced User Experience

QUARTZ engine oil now comes with new and improved packaging, including a dynamic new bottle design, enhanced color strategy, upgraded design features and a wide range of formats.

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Ultimate Performance & Protection

QUARTZ Engine Oil with Ultimate Performance & Protection

Premium Car Engine Care, Protection And Cleaning

The new high-quality QUARTZ range is the best engine oil for fuel economy and car engine protection. Its exciting new features and optimization also give you unbeatable cost savings!

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QUARTZ 3 New High-Performance Engine Oil

3 new ranges,
3 reasons to believe

Capitalizing on more than 50 years of market-leading innovation, the new and improved QUARTZ range brings you 3 high-performance engine oils that tackle several identified challenges and offer dynamic, modern enhancements. Right from cutting-edge technological improvements to optimized product nomenclature, enriched labeling, and better can ergonomy, every new feature combines innovation with practicality to suit every type of customer requirement. All in all, this premium engine oil enables your car engine to overcome all long-term challenges, while guaranteeing extended engine lifespan, improved performance and superior protection.

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Improved design and packaging for improved experience

QUARTZ engine oil features exciting new packaging that incorporates several innovation drivers with the main goal of enhancing user experience, reducing counterfeiting, eliminating leaks and bottle deformations, and enables better understanding of the entire product range. A new color strategy immediately helps you identify entry-level, mid-tier and high-tier products, while the increased label size packs in more information to help you choose better. Our cans also feature upgraded ergonomic attributes that prevent leaks, enable improved dosage and allow for easier handling and transport.

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QUARTZ Engine Oil Improved Design & Packaging
THE BRAND NEW QUARTZ 7000 FUTURE GF5 5W-30 is now available!
QUARTZ Engine Oil 7000 - 5W-30

Discover the brand new QUARTZ 7000 FUTURE GF5 5W30 with synthetic base technology, offering high performance and many benefits, check them out.

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QUARTZ Engine Oil - 0W-20

The best engine oil for
fuel economy and protection

A symbol of our ongoing commitment to innovation, QUARTZ is packed with innovative features that not only enhance car engine protection and cleanliness, but also improve fuel efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and enhance performance. QUARTZ’s Eco-Science technology improves engine life while resisting physical and chemical degradation. The Age-Resistance technology imparts special protection by preventing rubbing and abrasion, increasing heat dissipation and requiring less maintenance. Last but not least, the Clean-Shield technology captures and isolates dirt and sludge, keeping your engine super clean in the long run.

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