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5w30 oil: Is it right for your car?

Credit: Artem_Egorov

Engine oils are graded based on their resistance to flow. Also, known as viscosity, it indicates the engine oil's ability to lubricate at temperature extremes. While choosing an engine oil for your car, you need to check if its operating range is suitable for the temperatures in your region. One of the engine oils widely used in the automobile industry is the 5w30.

Check out these frequently asked questions on 5w30 car engine oil to help decide whether this oil is right for your car.

What is 5w30 oil?

The 5w30 engine oil is a multi-grade oil that operates across a wide range of temperatures. The 'W' in the oil grade stands for winter. The number preceding the 'W' stands for the oil's viscosity at low temperatures, and the one after the 'W' stands for its viscosity at high temperatures. The 5W30 has a viscosity grade of 5 at low temperatures and a grade of 30 at higher temperatures.

The 5w30 car engine oil is typically used in light-duty petrol and diesel engines. You will find that most automobile manufacturers recommend it for cars and SUVs.

How is 5w30 different from other oils?

The viscosity grade of the 5W30 engine oil varies from 5 to 30. A grade of 5 at the lower extreme indicates the oil is less thick at low temperatures as compared to other engine oils, say 10W30. The hot viscosity grade of 30 means that the oil is less viscous, and thus preferable over oils like 5w50 at higher temperatures.

Credit: Ake Ngiamsanguan

When should I use 5w30 oil?

You should use the car engine oil suggested by the engine manufacturer in your vehicle. However, considering the temperature variations in the Middle East, the 5w30 should be perfect for use in your vehicle. This is mainly because the 5W30 oil can be used in temperatures as low as -30°C to when the temperature outside reaches to about 35°C. The oil is perfect for cold starting, when the night temperatures go down, especially in the desert. Similarly, the 5w30 engine oil holds its own and remains operational under higher temperatures in the day. It also lubricates your engine perfectly on long road trips or during continuous operation throughout the day. Thus, you can safely use your vehicle for everyday use, and take it on long road trips as well.

Why is 5w30 oil so common?

Considering its incredible usability, it should come as no surprise that the 5w30 engine oil is used so commonly. With its significantly larger operational temperature window, it finds its application in a wide variety of engines and different vehicle types. The 5w30's viscosity range means that it can effectively protect, lubricate your engine parts, and prevent leaks in a wide range of temperatures across different seasons.

Why is 5w30 oil so versatile?

The car engine oil can be used in a variety of engine types and under a wide range of temperatures. Also, it can be used in your car or SUV, irrespective of whether it is petrol-powered or diesel-driven. The oil flows smoothly in cold temperatures and, thus, you will not have any problems starting your car after a cold winter night. Also, its ability to maintain the flow when most oils break down at higher temperatures, makes it usable in harsh summer days too. These properties make the 5w30 oil the perfect oil for your car in the Middle East.